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Our Mission

  • To passionately reflect our commitment to providing superior service that exemplifies excellence. 
  • To  exceed  expectations by delivering  high  standards of service with integrity and honesty to increase knowledge, awareness and opportunities to  maximize resources available to communities and individuals in which  we serve
  • To share a sense of enthusiasm,  urgency, genuine care and compassion  while having fun everyday     


To share resources, attractions, lifestyle  conveniences, products and destinations   to residents that will enable a sense of  service that accommodates personal  needs and in turn provides exceptional  satisfaction 



Connected Concierge is committed to:

  • Placing the needs of residents first. 
  • Upholding to the highest service  standards
  • Extreme professionalism
  • Expanding our knowledge of resources
  • Building positive relationships
  • Advancing our expertise in the area of  service.

Daily Concierge Tasks

Concierges will conduct the following tasks during each shift:

  • Greet all residents & guests with “Welcome Home” greeting .
  • Answer each phone call with “Good morning/afternoon/evening.  This is {concierge name}, how may I assist you?” 
  • Aid residents or guests to the best of their abilities, ensuring each resident/guest is fully satisfied with the service they’ve received a) Submit service requests for residents b) Advise residents to submit a “Service Request” for all other issues or concerns after ensuring the request is not an emergency. c) Enforce no smoking rules as they pertain to the property. 
  • At all times, deliveries will be announced and held with concierge for the resident to come and accept.   
  • Maintain a clean and organized workspace including the interior and exterior of the entrance to the building. 
  • Ensure there is no trash and all surfaces are clean and free of any hazards.    

Concierges will conduct the following tasks at the end of each shift:

  • Ensure all Daily Activity Logs are neat, legible, and filed in the appropriate location 
  • Ensure all Incident Reports are neat, legible, filed in the appropriate location and properly communicated to management   
  • Complete a detailed, verbal turnover to their replacement   
  • Communicate pending perishable pickups to relief 

Concierges will perform the following DAILY tasks:

  • Notify residents of perishable/time sensitive delivery & highlighting all perishables on the package log   
  • Conduct at least two (2) common area inspections of the building, noting and reporting any issues to the community manager (if needed) 
  • Straighten and organize common areas to ensure they remain usable for the residents.Common areas include: Lobby, hallways, stairwells, elevators.

Basic Concierge Services

  • Arrange Reservations
  • Pet Accommodations
  • Manage Property Newsletters
  • Childcare Recommendations
  • Computer Assistance
  • Florist Recommendations
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Entertainment Attractions
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Lifestyle Conveniences 

Testimonials & FAQs

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Community Newsletters

Connected Concierge offer customized monthly newsletters to the communities we serve. These include concierge-hosted resident events, local family-friendly events, movies, property specific reminders along with resident classifieds and ads.